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How to set up IVRS - Interactive Voice Response

Get your own IVRS & Set up IVRS system for your business

We provide IVRS with complete call management to small and medium businesses. Ours is a cloud based advance EPABX system known as CLOUD TELEPHONY with CRM system which tracks, manages, routes, and record business calls. We provide IVRS services with complete call management (CRM) to all kinds of businesses.

Advantages of our IVRS services:-

1) It enhances the brand of your company, it portrays your company bigger & professional.
2) Helps in converting your enquiries into sales, enhances customer experience.
3) Receive calls 24X7X365.

It helps in reducing customer service costs by providing self service to callers and guiding them through various options & menus related with concerned department, people or information.

Example of a typical IVRS service & Prompt menus:--

Step 1:- Customer calls in your company
Step 2:- He listen greeting message along with IVR recorded menu i.e. electronic receptionist.
Step 3:- Customer is directed to respective department where his query is answered or information is provided.
Step 4:- His call is recorded for feedback after which conversation is over.

We provide you all the CRM through a web based panel wherein you get 100% call logs, missed call alerts via e-mail and SMS, recorded conversations, all history logs.

The major purpose of using IVR applications is to reduce human intervention and automate the day to day routine and recurring communication flow. It can be used for many purposes including but not limited to:

1) as virtual receptionist to respond to their FAQ, queries, register their feedback or complaints and auto guide them through desired departments.

2) Send telephonic alerts / critical alerts and seek responses from them.

3) Client service automation - as it is a machine, it can work 24X7x365 days. Helps in reducing cost, can provide multi lingual support. Saves log file.

4) It can be used in conducting surveys related to customer satisfactions, generate views, gather information which can be used as statistics for decision making etc.

5) It can be used in the process of Inventory control and management. Branches, stockiest, dealers, can provide, report or order by providing information about their inventory needs. Pharmacies and other shop owners use IVRs for sending refilling requests or book new orders.

6) Conduct social, political and commercial marketing campaigns.

7) IVRS can be effectively used in booking cinema tickets, restaurants, bus, airlines etc. It can also be used to update the application status, ticket status, fee reminder, payment reminder, appointment and announcement reminder etc.

8) Clinical Trials Management, in hospitals for Patient Monitoring and supervision, enabling Self Care, digital marketing and advertising, data collection, telemarketing, as Complaint Management Systems

An IVR system's effectiveness is rated by the percentage of callers who ask to speak to a live operator. The lower the percentage, the more successful the system.






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