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Dear Customer,

I am writing this email to inform you about the recent happenings in telecom industry & its impact on our bulk sms price and
services related to it.

As you may be aware that we witnessed the slapping of IUC (Inter User Connectivity) charges on bulk sms service by TRAI last year. TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India) after discussion with major operators, issued its ordinance declaring that each message sending operator shall pay 5 paise/message as IUC charges to message receiving operator. This order was passed last year on 26th Oct 2011. All of us were affected by this order and suffered a loss. Even our business volume was affected greatly during that time.

Implementation of IUC has its tail attached to famous Bharati Airtel VS. Tata Teleservices (M) Ltd. case. This case was in respect of more than Rs. 250 Cr. of claim by Bharati Airtel from Tata Tele as the charges of IUC as per their agreement. The details of the case can be found here.



Both the operators went to TDSAT (Telecom Dispute Settlement Appeleatte Tribunal) which is an apex body for dispute settlement. Recently in Oct 2012 Bharati Airtel won this case against Tata Tele, the details of which can be found here.-----Link

After this case decision by apex body, almost all major operators have revised the IUC structure & their prices. On 3rd Nov 2012 major operators TATA, AIRTEL, AIRCEL has increased their rates to accomodate the likely IUC demand by other operators. The same was implemented by LOOP Mobile on 8th Nov. 2012. Due to these decisions by major players, the rates of SMS & IUC have been increased and new pricing have been applied with immediate effect. Simultaneously to reduce the spamming, TRAI has issued new guidelines on 5th Nov. 2012, details of which can be found here.

http://www.trai.gov.in/WriteReadData/WhatsNew/Documents/Press rel. tenth amendment_5NOV2012.pdf


On 19th Nov 2012, VODAFONE & TATA has gone to TDSAT in relation to their dispute of IUC. --------LINK

During all these events and happenings we strived to provide you uninterrupted service to the best possible level.

We ensured that though new pricing has been applied from 8th Nov by almost all major operators, messages were smoothly being delivered with minimum & very limited hurdle to all of you. We have our limitations. Since messages has to be terminated through operators & our role is just as a bridge (technology & platform provider) between you and telecom operators, we have to pass on this hike to you. As the prices have been hiked on 8th Nov with immediate effect, we have to pay the higher price to the operators to ensure the delivery of your messages from now onwards. We are implementing this adjustment latest by 20th Nov. 2012. We are compelled to do so and we feel really sad for this.

We have made few adjustment in the way we pass on this burden to our customers. The burden is painful but to ensure the delivery it is essential. Since burden is manifold and cannot be adjusted at our end, we have to pass it on to you. You understand that it is your messages ( informational, promotional or critical) that has to be delivered & we are working as technology provider, providing easy to use navigational interface which enables termination of messages to operators network. And if operator ask for more charges, we have to pass on that cost to you. I should not say, but please understand our limitations, we are not telecom operators.

Please click on each link provided in this email to get thorough insight on this issue.



I request you to contact your customer support executive for more clarification & understanding.

Thanking You.



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