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Toll Free Number & IVRS

Get your own Toll Free Number & Set up IVRS system for your business

In this competitive business environment every organization is looking to provide best services to their customers to build a long lasting business relationship.

To strengthen the brand, business are providing many out of the league solutions to their customers and one such service is Tollfree 1800 numbers.

These 1800 numbers are free for callers to dial i.e. they won't be charged for the calls instead it is paid by the called party i.e. the business. The main benefit is that more people can approach you along with giving a global identity to your business.

The client requires an IVR system that interacts with the incoming caller & disseminates information to the caller. The callers will primarily consist of people who will be calling in for receiving information regarding company's products, services and other related aspects. Call flow, supported IVR languages and prompt scripts will be provided and agreed upon before start of the project.

Through IVRS and Toll Free Number, our objective is to provide a robust, integrated and scalable IVR Solution that integrates easily with their current functional domain and facilitates their administration process further. To provide a solution that facilitates the decision making process of the organization and reduces the turn-around time through the efficient completion of a particular task. The new system will not just increase the efficiency of the process, but it will also save costs by providing ROI in the minimum possible time span. It will allow the organization to provide better
service to their callers.

Plan : Annual Subscription

Average Monthly Rental: Rs 3000/-
Free Call Value: Rs 100 per month
Incoming Call Charge: Rs 1.2 per minute
Setup Fee: Rs 2000
Minimum Billing Term: 12 Months
Plan Type: IVR
Call Forwarding: Yes
Simultaneous Call Allowed: 10
Total Amount: Rs. 38,000/-

Plan : 6 Month Subscription

Monthly Rental: Rs 3000
Free Call Value: Rs 0 per month
Incoming Call Charge: Rs 1.2 per minute
Setup Fee: Rs 2000
Minimum Billing Term: 6 Months
Plan Type: IVR
Call Forwarding: Yes
Simultaneous Call Allowed: 5
Total Amount: Rs. 20,000/-

Note : 1000 call recordings free per month, 1000 SMS alerts free per month.

We take care of each and every call 24×7 along with the unprecedented features like:

>>> Real time call logging.
>>> Professional IVR in your customized voice.
>>> Call forwarding, Missed Call Alerts, Subscription based services available as free add-ons.
>>> 24x7 availability and unlimited* number of call handling per day.

Technical Standards & Call Flow of Common IVRS/ Toll Free Service:--

Toll Free Number or IVRS is a purely inbound solution which is primarily used to automate caller centric business processes. It can also work as an ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) with Voice Logging in a typical inbound contact center.

Generalized Version of IVRS & Toll Free Service System Flow:--

The Sample flow of the system can be as follows
a) Call landing on the system
b) Greeting
c) Prompt Out Main Menu
d) On selecting any of the option the required information is read out.

Menu Prompts: Application to Record all menu Prompts and Messages

P.S. – The prompts will be as per our discussion and are not limited; a major change will be done before final recording of the prompt and implementation of the same.

Call Recordings: All incoming calls will be recorded and mailed to company at the end of the day. Supervisor can use to listen to the voice recordings of agent conversation. This will help supervisor to perform quality checks and to train the agent.

We will provide one year support from the date of installation of the completed and approved IVRS application at client’s end as part of deployment. During this period, we will ensure that the system functions according to the requirement approved and agreed upon by both parties. The customer will receive a USERNAME/PASSWORD to log complaints in any in the URL mentioned.

Uptime Guarantee:--

The objective is to achieve 99% uptime. However, as this depends on the other connected infrastructures, data on uptime will be collected, analyzed and effort will be made to improve upon the uptime. The dependencies include:

1) Availability of Network connectivity
2) Accessibility of the server from nodes
3) Downtime of Analog/PRI line
4) EPABX downtime
5) Connectivity of the Ext to the MDF box/PBX
6) Hardware component failure - Server
7) Power outage
8) Virus Attacks
9) Unavailability of Sys Admin Personnel who will handle the IVRS
10) Changes to the configuration (IVRS Server, Network Domain, CTI Board,
reformatting Agent PCs, etc)







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